1.General description
The mechanical structure,work cycle and loading and unloading mechanism of sepcial purpose MT systems are custom-ized according to each customer's specific requirement. As a result, performing magnetic particle inspection can be efficient and economical.

2.Test pieces
Special purpose MT system is commonly used in the field of automo-bile,ship building,aircraft, railway, part manufacturing etc. The following are typical parts inspected by special purpose MT systems: knuckle,connecting bar,crankshaft,piston pin,rocking arm,valve,bolt,ball pin, axle,half-axis pulling bar, spring, steel sheet spring,hook, round link chain, optical axis, gossan,friction ball,vane,wheel pair,coupler yoke,bolster side frame,brake beam,undercarriage etc.

3.Standards compliant
GB3721-83; HB/Z72-1998; GJB2028-2007; JB8290-2005; ASTME1444, MIL-6867C.