1.General description
This series equipment boats for its high sensitivity,high reliability,high-end technologies and customized designs and functions, which are commonly used in space and aviation sector and nuclear sector.

3-phase FWDC magnetization current and deep inspection depth: 5-8mm.
Ultra-low frequency demagnetization: maximum 3gauss residual magnetism.
Multiple magnetization method: direct current method. coil method,induction method etc.
Friendly HMI with PLC and touch panel. All key parameters can be set up on screen.ALarms are so displayed on panel.
Easy operation and maintenance.
UV LED is equipped for inspection.

3.Standards compliant
GB3721-83; HB/Z72-1998;GJB2028-2007; JB/8290-2005;ASTME1444, MIL-6867C.